Premier Rama makes the first step towards dialogue, invites the opposition to talk about the electoral reform

Premier Rama makes the first step towards dialogue, invites the opposition to talk about the electoral reform

14:28, 18/09/2019

Albanian Premier Edi Rama has sent a public invitation for dialogue to the opposition leaders, which he has defined in his letter as a non-parliamentarian opposition.

Rama addressed his invitation to Lulzim Basha, chairman of the Democratic Party; Monika Kryemadhi, chairwoman of the Socialist Movement for Integration; and to the chairmen of smaller opposition allies Nard Ndoka, Vangjel Dule, Agron Duka, Dashamir Shehi, and Fatmir Mediu.

“I am addressing you publically in my effort to create a space of dialogue and interaction among us, in respect of a common challenge of national importance that is the electoral reforms”, Rama writes.

“Our contradictions in the political aspects are known…. however, beyond the extremities of our differences we have neither chosen one another nor can we undo the existence of one another. So, we are condemned to co-exist despite of the mutual disliking as long as a third party, the electors, gave to some of us representation mandates to govern and to some others the mandate to make the opposition”.

“I’d like to invite you to meet and discuss about a common challenge, at any time and place that is convenient to you, of course in case you are interested in being involved in this process. Without conditions!”


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Shqiptari18/09/2019 15:33

IDIOT DHE FRIKACAK! Nuk ka leter me cinike dhe me arrogante qe mund te beje nje kryeminister kaq i menderosur nga te gjitha anet!!!! Kerkon dialog per reformen zgjedhore pa u ndeshkuar kriminelet, hajdutet dhe grabitesit e 2 zgjedhjeve te kaluara!!! Me gjithe skandalet dhe deshtimet e turpshme spektakolare te papara dhe te padegjuara ne asnje vend te botes, ky diktator kerkon ta zgjase pushtetin deri ne qershor 2021!!! Çfare arrogance e ndyre!!! Ky ose eshte feminor, ose eshte i pacipe fare, ose eshte çmendur keto 2 dite pas kthimit nga Gjermania dhe nuk e ka idene se çfare po thotë! Topi eshte i imi, penalltite do t'i gjuaj vetem une, thote. Pra ky po i thote opozites joparlamentare, me mua edhe ne vjedhjet zgjedhore 2021, pa President Ilir Meten, sigurisht!!! Harron ky derdinen i droguar, se çfare po e pret!

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