Premier Rama invites university students to spy on their professors, offers rewards

Premier Rama invites university students to spy on their professors, offers rewards

15:10, 17/09/2019

Albanian Premier Edi Rama has invited the students of the Albanian universities to spy on their professors, offering rewards for their efforts. Albania already has the institutions that are meant to tackle corruption but, probably knowing their eventual failure, Rama introduced his new “invention” today.

Through a Twitter post, the Albanian Prime Minister announced the start of an anti-corruption campaign in the universities, but the way he has chosen to fight corruption is ridiculous as much as it is shameful and unlawful.

Rama invites the university students to spy on their professors and if they comply he promises to reward them with not paying the school tuition fees and offers one year of scholarship!

“It’s time for an escalation against the corruption! We are working for a stimulating program against silence and for the exposure of the abusers with evidence. One of the ideas we are considering is: Any denouncing student that brings proof of corruptive pressure from anyone, will have their tuition fees zeroed and earns a one-year scholarship”, Rama tweeted.

Apparently, the failure to fight the corruption that he in person installed, has made Rama return the dictatorship ways.


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Ferdinand17/09/2019 16:15

Turp Rikthim ne mesjete

Xhikja17/09/2019 16:14

Ramen nuk do ta gjeni vetem ne frigorifer. Tani do ta gjeni edhe kur te zbertheni zinxhirin e pantallonave te femrave.

lali17/09/2019 15:44

Mire studentit do ti japesh burse... Po pedagogun qe denoncohet per korrupsion do ta besh Dekan apo Rektor, apo ai do padise qivirine per prishje imazhi dhe te marre nje dore euro

Gramoz17/09/2019 15:19

Edhe kete e kishte mangut Edver Taqi Mutacaku, me kthy 80 lekshat e kohes se Enver Dylberit! Hajde ridhjerje hajde, perpara per fitorje te reja!

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