The blacklist, Basha shows Rama’s nine new mayors that are partners of crime

The blacklist, Basha shows Rama’s nine new mayors that are partners of crime

14:55, 07/08/2019

Democratic Party chairman Lulzim Basha has shown today what he called a blacklist with the names of nine newly elected mayors, all from the Premier Edi Rama’s ruling Socialist Party. The mayors that came out victorious from the one party-elections of June 30 result persons with different criminal offences.

“Edi Rama is a menace and danger to the lives and safety of the Albanian families. He has usurped all the power with a gang of criminals and thieves that he needs to rob Albania”, Basha writes, continuing with the names in his blacklist.

“Look at the new pseudo mayors:

Valdrin Pjetri has hidden his criminal past as drugs trafficker and must be prosecuted criminally. Edi Rama made him a candidate and now orders the corrupt prosecution office to protect him from the law on decriminalization.

Pjerin Ndreu, in the blacklist of partners since 2003 and expelled from police for involvement in traffics, recorded while ordering the dismissal of teachers that would not vote for the Socialist Party; instead of being prosecuted criminally he is protected by Edi Rama.

Artur Bushi, drugs trafficker in Italy, finished the first mandate as Mayor of Kruja, and run again.

Dionis Imeraj, Valbona Sako, both intercepted in the in the wiretaps of Dibra, both protected and promoted by Edi Rama.

Tërmet Peçi, Klement Ndoni, drugs traffickers, instead of going before justice they are protected and rerun in the elections.

Agim Kajmaku, convicted in Greece.

Rakip Suli, caught in flagrance stealing with state bids and leasing, in an open conflict of interest with the MP position, instead of being prosecuted is protected and promoted by Edi Rama.

Crime and Edi Rama are inseparable. In order to remove crime, we must remove Edi Rama!”


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Gramoz07/08/2019 17:31

Gjith llumi i Shqiperise ne ridhjerjen siçiliste te Edver Taqi Mafia! Llumrat e qelbesirat ne krye te bashkive duke fillu nga kapterri i korruptum Pjerdhini e deri ke klyshi enverist nipi kriminelit ordiner Shefqet morri kuq Termeti drogaxhi i katunit Tepelene.

vera 07/08/2019 15:07

"Krimi dhe Edi Rama jane te pandashem. Qe te largojme krimin duhet te largojmew Edi Ramen!" .Kjo eshte e gjitha. Mbetet vetem zbatimi ne pik.

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