A brutal blow to the tourism industry in Albania

A brutal blow to the tourism industry in Albania

13:56, 03/08/2019

The tourism, which in general has been dominated by Kosovo Albanians, residents in Kosovo or abroad, this year has fallen drastically.

The reasons of the fall and for our almost empty beaches are all connected to Edvin the Mobster and they are as following:

1- The anti-national toll on the Rruga e Kombit highway (which connects Kosovo to Albania).

2- The criminality, lack of safety in Europe’s first and only narco-state.

3- The mobster behavior and acts, stealing, maltreating, robbery and penalties on tourists from Kosovo by the narco-police and gangsters in Durrës, Vlorë, Sarandë, Shëngjin, Velipojë.

4- The vandal-like actions of narco-police and narco-taxmen at the peak of the touristic season against the hotels, restaurants and bars in the coastal area to fill the cases emptied by corruption, stealing, and misuses by the narco-officials.

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Gramoz03/08/2019 17:46

E kan lon kastile plazhin e boshatisur se do vij Edver Taqi Nudisti me bo plazh me haremin e ridhjerjes Ajolen, Mamicen, Olten, Brisin, Manastirleshen, Gjylen e Ahmetit etj. qe te gjith nudo!

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