The Rama-Go absolute majority will bring the big change in Albania

The Rama-Go absolute majority will bring the big change in Albania

10:08, 10/07/2019

The absolute majority of the determined Albanians who have made up their minds for Edi Rama’s and his regime’s removal must know that the Democratic Party, the united opposition, has listened to and will lead your aspiration for change. This change cannot and will not be a question of words, but a question of acts and guarantees.

Together we will turn this absolute majority of refusing the regime – this Rama-Go absolute majority – into the national majority of the big change for every Albanian.

The free and fair elections will open the way to the politic and economic transformation Albania needs, the change Albanians are asking for.

The government that will come out of free elections will open immediately the negotiations with the European Union, will put the country in the path of progress and development.

The path of progress requires free economy and fair competition. The fight against monopoles, clientelism, against the capture of economy, the fight against poverty will be our hardest challenge.

Albania has so many natural wealth and possibilities that all Albanians can live in richness. All they want is freedom, fair competitions so that they could produce with their skills and efforts.

We will open the markets. We will guarantee free competition. We’ll create an environment where the private entrepreneurship can thrive. The economic freedom will bring employment. The economic freedom will bring wellbeing.

We will make Albania like the whole Europe!


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