A former Socialist high exponent and minister describes Premier Edi Rama’s fall from grace

A former Socialist high exponent and minister describes Premier Edi Rama’s fall from grace

10:23, 09/07/2019

A former high exponent in the Socialist Party (PS) and ex-minister, Professor Elmaz Sherifi, has described Premier Edi Rama’s degradation since entering PS till today. According to Sherigi, Rama has been caught in the trap he set to himself.

“When you took PS, you declared you were not a politician but you’d promote the new politics. Time showed you were right for a half of the sentence. You never became a modern politician and you are leaving politics as an anarchist. A month ago you stated you are three moves ahead. But you are showing you have understood nothing, remaining four moves behind”, Sherifi addressed to Rama in his Facebook page.

“The first error was when you said there are two oppositions in Albania. The parliamentary opposition created as a challenge to the political opposition. Now you have forgotten the parliamentary opposition and are searching a solution to the political crisis from the political opposition.

The second major error. You created an opposition for the local elections with Bindja Demokratike. You were happy you’d win 61 municipalities having no elections date because the president called it off and you boycotted the decree in the Official Gazette. Bindja earned no votes and accuses you of stealing the votes with the party commissioners.

The third error was when you believed President Meta would step down. Shocked by his disobedience, you started the dismissal procedures, turning the parliamentary opposition into ridiculous. Now you plead to the President not to insult you.

The forth error was the statement the opposition was self-destructed and “the artist” would face the mad Democrats the day after the local elections, with the slogans Basha Go. What a help you gave to the Democratic Party’s strengthening and “the artist” is becoming their leader. Last night even the donkeys were keeping banners Rama Go.

Do not delay the political solution and do not wait for the internationals to ask your resignation.

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Gramoz09/07/2019 15:13

Lodhesh kot o Z. Sherifi nuk kupton gamori! Gamor ti Edver, gamor kush te pruni,"prej Parisi" sot e neser valo huni! Na ka borxh Tosi pijaneci dhe bixhozxhiu ordiner, ai ja shiti partine.

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