Albanian President Meta decrees October 13 as the new date of the local elections

Albanian President Meta decrees October 13 as the new date of the local elections

14:47, 27/06/2019

Albanian President Ilir Meta has issued a new Decree setting October 13 as the date for the elections of local government in the country. Earlier this month, Meta issued a decree to revoke his former decree of setting June 30 as the elections date.

Despite the Decree issued in June 10, Albanian Premier Edi Rama declared the elections will go ahead as planned without changing the date of June 30. Now Meta has made his next move, setting a new date.

The President called of the June 30 elections arguing they were not democratic as the opposition had decided to boycott them. However, Meta said today he can force no one to participate in the new date of October 13.

“My duty as the President of the Republic and as the only institution that has the responsibility of setting the date of the elections is to give everyone the possibility to reflect, to renounce the narrow maximalist agendas and behave like Europeans”, Meta said to media reporters during the presentation of his new Decree.

Asked about the stance of the foreign ambassadors, Meta responded that his position has been clear: “There are no elections in Albania on June 30. There were claims so far that I had not set a new date for the elections. Wishing to prevent an escalation, a more serious conflict, I have been waiting since June 8 and 10 for the Prime Minister to discuss about this possibility that we had to give to all the opposition parties to guarantee all-inclusive elections”.


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tironci27/06/2019 15:07

Edi Romen ime lutjuni USA dhe EU ta morin peng me e ta cojn me i ishull te vetmum ti bojn gjyqin atje. Ta morin me skuadra te nderhymjes se shpejte isoj si bone me Usamen

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