President Ilir Meta says Albania is not a colony of a certain ‘international foundation’

President Ilir Meta says Albania is not a colony of a certain ‘international foundation’

12:16, 25/06/2019

Albanian President Ilir Meta said today the other day’s decision of the Electoral College was a mere procedural trick because legally there are no elections in the country. The Electoral College rejected the request made by the Party for National Unity (PUK) to unregister from the elections in compliance with the presidential decree of June 10 which called off the June 30 elections. By ruling that PUK will continue to be registered and take part in the elections, the Electoral College shows it does not recognize President’s Decree that cancelled them.

In his address to the reporters in his press conference today, President Meta mentioned twice an “international foundation”.

“I have not called off elections in any country, any embassy, any international foundation. I have called off the elections in the Republic of Albania in front of all Albanians”, Meta said.

“The rebirth of the Republic will start from this institution, Albanian will not turn into anyone’s personal tyranny or into any international foundation’s colony. This is a country that belongs to all the Albanians and we’ll be here together till July 24 of the year 2022”, said Meta, referring to the day when his presidential mandate ends, hinting he has no intention to step down from his post, despite Premier Edi Rama’s efforts to fire him following the Decree of June 10.

According to several leftist media, the international foundation Meta referred to is Georg Soros’ Open Society Foundations. The Hungarian-born US billionaire is a long time supporter of Premier Rama and initiator of the failed Judiciary Reform in Albania.


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