President Meta requests the exact number and a name list of the Members of the Albanian Parliament

President Meta requests the exact number and a name list of the Members of the Albanian Parliament

13:46, 14/06/2019

Albanian President Ilir Meta has made another move today, requesting from the Central Electoral Commission, KQZ, the exact number of the Members of the Parliament of Albania.

Secretary General of the Presidency addressed a letter to KQZ head Klement Zguri today, requesting information on the current number of the parliament Members.

President has also requested the name list of all the current deputies. His move may have to do with the possibility of dissolving the parliament.

The Parliament of Albania must have 140 Members, but it has less currently after the opposition MPs relinquished their mandates in February. Albanian Premier Edi Rama tried to fill the void with candidates from the electoral lists the opposition parties had registered before the electoral campaign of the June 2017 elections. The majority of the candidates did not accept Rama’s offer and only a few chose to become Members of the Parliament.

However, the Parliament is still 18 MPs short, as there are only 122 deputies out of 140, including the ones bought by the majority and morons that were included in the opposition lists during the last campaign.

The Article 64 of the Constitution says “The Assembly consists of no less than 140 deputies”.

Today the parliament has less than 140 members and it must be automatically dissolved or a constitutional decision is needed to dissolve it.

In addition the constitutional aspect, this is the worst parliament ever considering the political, moral and educational level.

There are a few deputies with integrity, but the majority belongs to a street level.


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    Shqiptari14/06/2019 17:25

    Po ai deputeti pensionist Jenisheri, sikur kishte mashtruar tek formulari i deklarimit per dekriminalizimin. E harruat?! Ai eshte denuar me 2 vjet burg per mashtrim dhe vjedhje. Apo keshtu i duheshin Rames, sipas kritereve te ridhjerjes, per te qene deputet?

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