Former minister of Justice Alibeaj said Rama should have resigned after Bild publications

Former minister of Justice Alibeaj said Rama should have resigned after Bild publications

14:00, 06/06/2019

Former Democrat MP Enkelejd Alibeaj said today Albanian Premier Edi Rama should have stepped down after the publication of the intercepted phone calls from the German daily Bild, proving the collusion of Socialist Party officials with mobsters to buy votes during the 2017 elections.

Alibeaj, a former minister of Justice, said the buying of votes was made with Rama’s blessing, adding that the Prime Minister defends the criminals because he cannot keep his power without them.

“Whoever is expecting Rama’s resignation after the vote buying scandal will be disappointed. Edi Rama will continue to protect (Durrës Mayor Vangjush) Dako and every criminal in order to keep his rotten power”, Alibeaj said.

“With or without resignation, Edi Rama has become incredible for all. Even those who believed a little at the mobster Prime Minister today are clear that everything has happened with his blessing. Had it been the opposite, Edi Rama would have resigned tens of times so far. He would have resigned when the accusations of the opposition were proved to be true that:

• Albania became the European drugs warehouse.

• Edi Rama had put criminals in the parliament.

• Mayor of Kavaja Elvis Roshi turned out to be a rapist and a trafficker.

• (Former Interior Minister) Saimir Tahiri backed drugs traffic.

• The trafficker brother of (then) Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj continued the drugs traffic in Vlora.

• The nearly-$2billion concessions were taken by Rama’s cronies and funders.

• The Project of the New City Ring was a gigantic stealing scheme through a ghost company, and many, many other scandals and corruptive affairs that have extorted and impoverished the Albanian citizens”, Alibeaj said.


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