Ms. Pack condemns Albanian Premier Rama’s hate speech: Stop hurting women

Ms. Pack condemns Albanian Premier Rama’s hate speech: Stop hurting women

11:34, 09/02/2019

President of EPP Women and former Member of the European Parliamen Doris Pack has criticized Albanian Premier Edi Rama for the hate speech he uses in the social networks against women. Ms. Pack says that by attacking the opposition women Rama is inciting violence against all women in a country where their rights are violated every day.

“Comments on social networks of Albania’s Premier Rama offending women politicians, are not only degrading injurious and offending women, but incite violence against women in a country where women’s rights are threatened and violated every day!”, Pack tweeted.

A day earlier, Rama had responded to the opposition MPs Albana Vokshi and Klajda Gjosha concerning the issue of the rape scandal in Kavaja using an offensive language and psychological violence.

“Why do you bark now or is it our fault that people believe in us and not in you, hyenas of the politics and media? If it wasn’t for the murderers, rapists, robbers, crimes and misfortunes, you would not exist, because you have nothing but venom and poison to offer”, Rama tweeted.

The most serious attack was against Ms. Vokshi, with a disconfigured picture of her.


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Daj Jaku09/02/2019 11:56

Mos u kasavet o Rome sepse edhe kjo Doris Pack osht e kazonit, osht Kadrije, osht hijenë, osht si Zoni Amerikës, osht turpi i njerzimit. Shyqyr që nuk ta ve njeri në pullë, se po ta kishe ti në dorë o Rome, edhe detin tonë të bukur do ta kishe qujt "Kadriatik".

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