Albanian Foreign Minister Cakaj appointed by Rama accused of being a ‘Belgrade servant’

Albanian Foreign Minister Cakaj appointed by Rama accused of being a ‘Belgrade servant’

15:34, 08/01/2019

Former Premier Sali Berisha has accused the new Minister of Foreign Affairs Gent Cakaj as a “servant of Belgrade that represents Belgrade more than anything else”.

Cakaj’s appointment by Albanian Premier Edi Rama raised a lot of questions due to his young age and inexperience but apparently they are the least of the problems, especially when the accusations come from Berisha, a former President and Prime Minister of Albania, a well-informed man who puts the national cause above anything else in his life.

That’s why Gent Cakaj is a risk to the national security at the helm of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, put there recommended by the most credible representatives of the Serb interests in the Albanian countries.

Premier Edi Rama, a crony of George Soros and supporter of the Vucic-Thaçi pact for a land swap between Serbia and Kosovo, backed by certain individuals that in Kosovo are considered as “Serbian spies”, has appointed Cakaj as Foreign Minister, causing great concern for the Albanian and Kosovo diplomats who are aware of Rama’s stance in relation to the Greater Serbia project.


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Albi10/01/2019 22:35

Shyqyr qe nuk ka me rr.k. ne west wing.

Artan08/01/2019 18:40

Po dhe Bushati po i falte dhjetera kilometra det grekut pse nuk doli njeri te thoshte eshte rrezik i sigurise kombetare?

fery08/01/2019 16:25

Ateher , po dele se ministri Ditmir Bushati u shkarkua nga kryeministri Rama per arsye se refuzoi te ndryshoj kufijt e Ballkanit andaj menjiher pase shkarkimit te Bushatit , Greqija e dergoi "rastin Himara " ne Bruksel

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