The Democrat Party presents a four-step plan to heal the economy

The Democrat Party presents a four-step plan to heal the economy

11:50, 04/01/2019

The Democratic Party (PD) has announced a four-step plan to improve the aggravated economic situation in Albania, where over 15 thousand businesses bankrupted in 2018, or 62% more than the previous year, according to the adviser for the economic issues, Dorian Teliti.

Teliti said the bankruptcy of businesses was due to high penalties, increased taxes and tariffs, and the increase of the prices of water and power.

“As of January 1, the government’s decision to increase the property tax came to effect. Businesses will pay from two to four times more”, Teliti said. “There is only one medicine to cure the serious situation and that is the implementation of the Democratic Party’s plan for the revival of business and economy through a significant reduction of taxes”.

Teliti presented the four steps of the plan, which are:

A flat tax of 9%

Excluding from the VAT scheme the businesses with a money circulation up to 120 million Albanian Lek.

Reducing the fuel price with 30 Albanian Lek per liter.

Cancellation of every corruptive concession will free the economy from a fistful of oligarchs that steal the Albanian citizens’ wealth in the office of the Prime Minister.


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Daj Jaku04/01/2019 15:28

Ky lloj propagandisti premton uljen e karburantit me 300 lekë për litër në një kohë që çmimi i plotë për litër është rrotull 175 lekë për litër. Api ndoshta i ka mbetut sahati në vitin 1964. Turp i madh me bo propagandë me hilen e lekut të nxjerrë jashtë loje nga verdulla para 54 vjetësh. Bëhuni seriozë o politikanë se nuk ju xen besë askush.

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