Albanian wonders: OSCE stains the elections, the losers remain silent

Albanian wonders: OSCE stains the elections, the losers remain silent

By - 01/07/2017

An absurd situation accompanied the day of elections in Albania, June 25, as well as the days that followed. The two parties that governed together for four years, PS and LSI, sotto voce accused each-other of buying votes. As a matter of fact, they both had an increase in the number of votes compared to the previous elections.

But even more absurd was the silence from the Democratic Party headquarters during the elections’ day and later, but some separate voices. On June 25, only former chairman Sali Berisha made a few denouncements, through the “digital citizen”, of what was happening.

It is also true that Lulzim Basha, while speaking about his “self-freeze” as PD chairman, articulated a sentence about buying the people’s will and massive use of cannabis money, but only that.

There isn’t yet an official declaration on these issues from PD, which harvested a catastrophic result. Furthermore, this “Albanian wonder”, the silence about what happened, continues even after the first report of OSCE on the elections.

In its pages one can find scandalous facts about how the vote was altered on June 25, but no one of the losers is making any comment. No official stance yet from the Albanian opposition, that is PD, related to this report full of serious notices about the elections of June 25.

The report, which can be found easily on OSCE website, notices that in at least 5% of its observations, nearly 5% of hand signatures in the voters lists seem to be made by the same hand!

Could there be a bigger scandal than this for a free and fair electoral process?!

Let’s go ahead: The international observers say that “one of the biggest concerns was the misuse of sources of the public sector in the elections. The report notices that the implementation of the Electoral Code changes, approved recently, seemed to have as its goal only the parties’ interest rather than a neutral law enforcing and rule”.

What does it mean?! Said clearly, it means that the state, through the human resources, i.e. administration and finances, has interfered in the electoral process. The questions rises: Why isn’t PD reacting officially for this serious notice from OSCE? Are they probably afraid they’d be told “you were in the government, with those formal ministers and directors” which were proved to have had only the keys to the “hay barns” in their hands?

The international observers also say that “the presence in the polling places of the party observers, often unauthorized, was very high and very near the ballot boxes, exposing the voters’ choices”.

So, the voters have been under pressure by the parties’ “observers”. A question arises in this point too: Which party can scare with the work place, taxes of businesses, etc? Obviously, the one that is in power which also claims it will continue to be. And this political force, despite the urban legends about a co-governance Rama-Basha after their agreement, was de facto the Socialist Party. As for LSI, it was long gone out of the “baking pan”.

The report also mentions that Premier Edi Rama called on police effectives to get politically involved in favour of his party, despite his later apology. Also, it was written black on white that a party representative had told the observers that Fier’s Mayor had appealed the public and private companies to fire PD supporters. It continues with the scandalous facts that in Delvinë the Socialist Party pressured on the public workers to force them to participate in the campaign, also taking notes about the participants’ names, etc.

Almost a week has passed since the elections were closed; three days from the publication of the first report of OSCE. Edi Rama is making the governing program with his Facebook friends… and no one from the Democratic Party is not reading this scandalous report.

Or maybe should we wait till July 23, after the “election” of the PD chairman, because “well, you know…”.


    Lexo edhe


    Bog05/07/2017 16:21

    OSBE asnjehere nuk do te thote se shqiptaret jane te afte te bejne zgjedhje te lira sepse do tu duhet te largohen nga super pagat qe marrin e i paguan shqiptari!!!

    Lefy02/07/2017 08:33

    Si anetar i PD, kisha ndermend te shihja ndonje kandidat tjeter vec Bashes per ta votuar per kryetar. Po kur shoh se ne komente socialiste e ish-sigurimsa vazhdojne te bejne kriptokomunistlleqe ca duke permendur "malesine" (a thua se keta ne Kuc e Kurvelesh i kane pjelle ne fushe) ndersa Lulin e bejne deri edhe "pekinez" (keta! Te partise se Bashkim Finos, qe mot e jete ka ngjare si i biri i Mao Ce Dunit), atehere po me mbushet mendja te votoj Lulin prape. Fundja edhe po s'u beri Luli dem ketyre monstrave, u vjen hakut Lir Meta, te cilit edhe kesaj radhe i rruan leshte. Kot s'u thoshte shokun Enver ketyre se armiku i brendshem eshte me i rrezikshem sesa armiku i jashtem.

    Daj Jaku01/07/2017 23:12

    Shumë e zgjatën me farsën e pseudo demokracisë këta komunistët e "dy kampeve", plot 26 vjet. Komunisti që zbriti nga malsia me opinga dhe çarapë leshi të kuq u bë kryetar i Partisë Demokratike, nënkupto antikomuniste dhe më pas ja kaloi partinë si një kaçile fiq këlyshit të Enverit. Po çfarë prisni të thotë kjo krijesë hibride?

    Salah01/07/2017 20:46

    thats true: Europen Mafia scandal: Knut Fleckenstein, dent Federica Mogherini and Commissioner Johannes Hahn

    shkurt201401/07/2017 19:34

    Si te mose heshtin humbesit,luli i shiti vete zgjedhjet e pd te edvini.

    shkurt201401/07/2017 19:33

    Si te mose heshtin humbesit,luli i shiti vete zgjedhjet e pd te edvini.

    tosi01/07/2017 17:38

    pd ,jo basha ,duhe te mbledhe provat sa me shpejt dhe te dale te deklaroje mosnjohjen e zgjedhjeve

    Lomy01/07/2017 14:56

    Ka plane te tjera sala me pekinezin e vet lu-lin...

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