The nation’s renegade considers Albania and Kosovo as subordinates of the Greater Serbia

The nation’s renegade considers Albania and Kosovo as subordinates of the Greater Serbia

By Sali Berisha - 11/02/2020

By Sali Berisha

Today the nation’s traitor Esad Toptani Jr. (Albanian Premier Edi Rama), in his meeting with Kosovo Premier made a serious provocation.

Rama declared there is no Albanian cooperation, “there is no Albanian macro-Schengen without the Balkanic min i-Schengen”.

With his declaration, this renegade took off every mask and says that Albanians may cooperate among them only within the framework of the Greater Serbia or the New Yugoslavia. According to this declaration, Albania and Kosovo are not two independent sovereign countries, but two subordinates of Belgrade that can work with one another only under the umbrella of the Greater Serbia.

Such a declaration about the relations between two sovereign countries cannot be found in the world annals of bilateral relations. Only subordinate countries or colonies are constrained to seek someone else’s approval for their relations with a sovereign country.

If Albanians in their sovereign countries do not decide for the relations among them or with other countries, they are doomed to the history abysses!

Today, Edvin the Painter revealed for the hundredth time his renegade face; revealed the selling of Kosovo to Belgrade and Albania’s subordination.

Such a declaration made by the Prime Minister of Albania is incredible, putting the Serbian project of the New Yugoslavia before the cooperation among Albanians, with Kosovo in the shadows and Albanians as a secondary factor in the region.

This Vucician thesis that conditions the regional cooperation with the mini-Schengen project dreamed by Serbians is unacceptable.

It is totally against our national interests, region’s interests and our path to European integration having put forward the “New Yugoslavia” which in fact leads away to Eurasia and the East.

O tempora, o mores!

* Mr. Sali Berisha is a former President and former Prime Minister of Albania


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