In the high pyramid of corruption, investigating seems to be the first emergency!

In the high pyramid of corruption, investigating seems to be the first emergency!

By Grida Duma - 26/09/2019

Almost no corruptive affaire is being investigated; the corruption files are stalled through procedures and deadlines; the prosecutors move from one county to another, because they should not investigate. The electoral crime is no longer being deeply investigated, neither are the multiplied concessionary contracts, scarce investments with public money. No investigation is taking place wherever the government has interests and conflicts of interests. In the meantime, today has been requested with maximal emergency the sequestration of the computers of an oppositionist news medium.

The rush of the investigation, of investigators raid to the offices is clear evidence it is compromised.

In the big pyramid of the missing justice, amid the innumerous cases that are vital to the country, the first emergency seems to be the investigation for the origin or the authenticity of a news article. An article!

Furthermore, there is an urgent investigation over a news piece from which the medium distanced itself immediately.

In this high pyramid of priorities, the basic question is: How will investigate the “news” when Rama announces and declares improved welfare, progress, hundreds of thousands of new jobs, only to be denied later by the figures of IMF, World Bank and the Albanian Institute of Statistics itself?

Dear friends, this is the “news” that must be investigated with emergency!

The urgent movement to investigate over an oppositionist medium for a news article is the first proof that it not actually an investigation but an order for clear pressure. This is not an investigation, it is repression over the free speech.

The repression over the free media is unacceptable today, also because it is now the only platform that represents the citizens.

Regardless of all, including the efforts to sanction by law the free media punishment, this will never be completely possible.


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    Leka 26/09/2019 17:22

    Tani u vërtetua (edhe nga pushteti) se SYRI.NET është media më e ndjekur në Shqipëri

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