The Prosecution Office sleeps over scandalous cases, but charges at a denouncing news medium

The Prosecution Office sleeps over scandalous cases, but charges at a denouncing news medium

By Bujar Nishani - 24/09/2019

The propaganda of an anarchist sect, corruptive to the seventh skin, servant and slave of the crime that has occupied every cell of an exhausted and nearly eradicated government, tries to hide the irresponsibility, ineptitude and the fatal failure to help the people in need at the wake of the earthquake with the fascistoide campaign and conduct against a journalist and an online news portal, among the few independent ones that serve courageously to the Albanians.

No doubt, the fake news of the “earthquake prediction” is wrong and unprofessional, but the immediate reaction and public clarification by the same medium itself shows how to behave with the public even when we make mistakes.

That much responsible and professional was the immediate reaction and the public apology, which have not been seen in thousand cases of fake news, accusations, and libels spread and sponsored by the power of corruption and psychological genocide against an entire population that has fled in hundreds of thousands in the last 5-6 years of this social crime against it.

The escape from the responsibility and duty to ease and correct the consequences for the people, while organizing an incriminating campaign against a journalist and an independent medium, shows the true identikit of the network that bears the burden of the political and administrative decision-making of this country.

Albanians witnessed clearly a fascistoide hate, accumulated from the battle with the real, uncontrolled media, ally of the citizens and not a client of the narco-regime’s dirty money.

A prosecution office that never said a word for, and sleeps on the opposition’s accusations and scandalous evidence over the fraud and incriminated mayors, bashed publically a medium that has exposed the scandals, abuses, lies and everyday dark deeds against the population that is unprotected from this abuse of power.

As a matter of fact this is a battle, and the battle versus evil is not easy.

But there is no alternative but victory!

Then will the true justice begin, first of all over the genocide authors against the psychosis and morale of an entire people for six years in a row already!


* Mr. Bujar Nishani is a former President of the Republic of Albania


    Lexo edhe


    Gramoz24/09/2019 15:24

    Po qe Tirana ka 3 dit pa uje, ky a nuk eshte terror dhe papergjegjshmeri totale nga lali Dhjeri dhe ridhjerja e Edvin Taqi Qelbesires?! Çduhet te bejme ne qe po qelbemi pa uje, nga qelbesirat qe na udheheqin? A nuk duhet te ngrihemi dhe ti tregojme vendin qelbesires pedofil qe eshte ne krye te bashkise? Ajolen ku ta kesh, o lali Dhjeri kurva!!!

    Askushi24/09/2019 14:23

    Me ne funt nje reagim nga Politika ne mbrojteje te medias. Me bene pershtypje qe Partit e opozites, nuk kane dale shume ne mbrojtje te SYR-it qe po sulmohet nga gangesteri Rama? Reagime te zbehta....apo pjese e marveshjes me Ramen????????

    vera24/09/2019 14:13

    pse, betoni shumekatesh, qe ka hedh shtat si kurre ndonjehere, nuk qenka dyshim deri ne besim per termet?! Respekt, per djersen palodhshmerine dhe sinqeritetin ne sherbim te qytetarit te 'SYRI NET',si per rralle gazetari te tille te pavarur!

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