How to read Rama’s appearance after Dako’s ‘bomb’

How to read Rama’s appearance after Dako’s ‘bomb’

By Artan Cena - 31/07/2019

After making a mockery of himself wandering across the country for a month threatening the citizens like a Consul that he would ban them from moving abroad if they would harm the elections, the Albanian Prime Minister reached the point of telling Laç residents that the “vultures” would not be able to go to Italy.

Ironically, after the end of those nasty elections, the only “vulture” banned to go abroad has been Rama’s sidekick in person, the former mayor of Durrës Vangjush Dako.

Paradoxically, it shows the Albanian Prime Minister either has not been informed or does not understand anything from the US – the world’s most powerful – politics and diplomacy.

The US Department of State barred Dako and his family from entering the United States on grounds of his involvement in significant corruption. The fact he is free in Albania speaks volumes for the state Edi Rama has created.

Still it remains ironic how Dako moves freely while Rama brags for closing some miserable restaurants that could hardly survive during the touristic season. Not only that, the news about Dako emerged little after Rama had pledged to establish a task force to arrest the neighborhoods’ bullies.

It’s really ridiculous to revive such ‘90s-like stories. Albania’s problems generate from structured criminal gangs, not from some drunkards that “barks” in the streets. Those structured gangs are no street bullies.

Visibly disturbed by Dako’s news, Rama rushed to the constituting of Tirana’s Municipal Council, raising the eyebrows of anyone who knows a thing or two about politics and diplomacy. However, his intention was clear.

First, he wanted to show he is powerful and has all powers in his own hands.

Second, and the most important, he tells to his local officials not to fear after what happened to Dako, because with Dako it wasn’t a mayor that fell, but Rama’s model.

Dako is accused of those things everyone else is accused of, from Rama to the others: corruption, concretization of the city, destruction of the historic heritage, elections rigging.

Rama tried to tranquilize them, despite them knowing that anyone of them, Rama included, could have been in Dako’s place.

The Rama model has fallen, now the heads have started to fall too, one by one.



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