The greed that definitely wrecked the Renaissance

The greed that definitely wrecked the Renaissance

By Artan Cena - 01/07/2019

When the ballots were closed and the citizens had sealed definitely the fate of Edi Rama’s governance, the editing houses close to the left started their moves, in coordination with the Socialist Party (PS) and the Central Electoral Commission (KQZ).

The first was Erion Veliaj, the man who in the previous elections too did not achieve a personal good result, receiving four years ago the criticism of his boss Edi Rama.

This time he should have achieved a spectacular victory, with much more votes than in 2015. But the figures mostly spoke against him, despite investing too much money and pressure.

After having decided the result in Tirana as they wished, they sent it to the media close to them and sealed it with their KQZ.

The second was Edi Rama, who needed a better result compared even to 2017.

This time KQZ reached a historical black record. The number of participants was reported three hours after the closure of the process and it was the one the majority wanted.

But the truth started to reveal itself.

In many municipalities, the number of ballots was significantly higher than the number of persons that actually voted. And this is only the tip of the iceberg, the exaggeration with greed by the part of the PS commissioners.

The actual iceberg is the one built with the KQZ approval, scandalizing even its chairman in person, who appeared several times in the media to give signals about the scandal.

This time the Albanian citizens neither the seal of the international partners nor the comments of the politics.

They are watching live, shocked, how far the greed of power has gone, which in order to cover the bad governance manipulates the voting to show that the Albanians love Edi Rama even more after the scandals.

But the Albanians refused this insult on Sunday.

They left Edi Rama with less than 15% of votes, definitely wrecking the Renaissance.

He required to be pulled down by vote, he was pulled down by vote.

Even becoming ridiculous.


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    Askushi 01/07/2019 14:40

    Po a pyet ky gangester me gangestet e tjere per voten??? jo, ky nuk pyet, ky eshte nje moster per ta patur frik. Shqiperija ne fije te pertit midis nenshtrimit perfutimtare, o ringritjet perfundimtare. shqiptaret dhe opozita duhet te zgjedhin, vendosin. shqiperija e shqiptareve dhe jo e gangesterve shqiptare dhe interesve nderkombetar. Shqiptaret dhe shqiperija e para. Popull, sote ti ke fatet e tua ne doren tende.

    Osumi01/07/2019 14:17

    Tani nuk na mbetet tjeter gje: Te rrembejme hunjte dhe cfare te mundemi dhe ti nxjerrim forcerisht nga zyrat dhe dhe tu tregojme vendin. Duhet hapur burgje te rinj se ekzituesit nuk kane kapacitetet qe nevojiten. Jane shume.

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