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Clashes within MEK camp in Albania, two Mujahedeen suspected dead

12:19, 20/06/2023
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Albanian State Police raided the Iranian opposition members’ camp in Manëz, county of Durrës, in the early hours of the morning today and are still there executing a search warrant issued by the Court of Tirana in the framework of fight against terrorism and cyberattacks. The police have sequestered electronic devices like computers, cellular phones, drones, etc.

A spokesperson for the MEK said the police have killed one person inside the camp and wounded 36 others. The spokesperson said the victim is a man named Ali Mostashari.

A witness from inside the camp spoke of two killed persons.

“The police killed two Mujahedeen, not with fire guns but with spray”, the camp resident told the media reporters at the site. “Such acts only help the dictatorship in Iran. We are for democracy, we are against the regime. The Revolutionary Guard of Iran is killing Mujahedins in Tehran, the Albanian police are killing Mujahedeen here, and I don’t know why”.


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