Kosovo imposes a 100% tariff on goods imported from North Macedonia

Kosovo imposes a 100% tariff on goods imported from North Macedonia

15:23, 16/08/2019

The government of Kosovo has imposed a new 100% tariff on goods from North Macedonia. The decision has been announced by the minister of Trade and Industry Endri Shala.

Shala has explained the tariff of reciprocity will be imposed on potatoes and honey imported from North Macedonia, after the North Macedonian government failed to lift a new tariff imposed since June this year on Kosovo goods, namely larvae fish.

Shala posted on Facebook he had contacted with the authorities of North Macedonia and had sent complaints through CEFTA secretariat, in addition to a personal letter to his Macedonian homologue.

“Two month later we have received no response, so I feel the obligation that, in defense of Kosovo’s interest, Kosovo’s business and our products, to take measures based on the laws of the Republic of Kosovo”, Shala wrote.

“Today I decided to impose reciprocal measures on the goods from North Macedonia and ban a few other products, hoping North Macedonia will reflect for an equal treating of the Kosovo products”.

Last year, Kosovo Premier Ramush Haradinaj imposed a 100% tariff on Serbian goods, following Serbia’s successful campaign against Kosovo’s membership in Interpol.

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