Berisha sfidon Ramën: Je përdorues droge! Eja të shkojmë bashkë të bëjmë testin e drogës ku të duash!

Berisha challenges Rama: I dare you, let’s take the drugs test together, anywhere you like

14:04, 12/09/2017

Former Premier Sali Berisha accused his predecessor Edi Rama of being a drug user, challenging him to take a drugs test together, at a place of Rama’s choice.

"Your philosophy is drugs’ philosophy. You are a drug addict, let’s both go and make the test, anywhere you choose. If you don’t come, then we have a problem”, Berisha challenged Rama.

Berisha added Enver Hoxha’s communist regime used to cultivate cannabis and opium.

“You should know that it was full of cannabis here in the 1960s. Not only cannabis, but also opium. As kids we were sent out to gather poppy flowers, opium, till they warned Enver Hoxha to stop it, or else they’d wipe him out. Now we have returned to the drugs, in an unimaginable way”, Berisha said.


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