PD akuza mazhorancës, po përdor Kuvendin për propagandë qeveritare

The Democratic Party accuses the Socialist majority of using the parliament for propaganda

16:20, 11/09/2017

The Democratic Party (PD) has accused the government of using the parliamentary sessions to make propaganda for its work.

The parliament will gather again tonight at 18:00 to discuss about the government program for the next four years. But PD thinks that continuing the sessions at that time “allows only the deposit of written questions without the right to reply or argue”.

“Experience tells these kind of sessions without possibility for debate have been misused to make electoral propaganda”, PD said in a press release.

“The Democratic Party will make real opposition, allowing no chance to the majority to misuse the time in favour of their publicity. For that reason, the Democrat parliamentary group has decided not to aske questions that would give the government the possibility for propaganda”.

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