Letra e ministrit të Brendshëm për Kodhelin: Radari u fik në mes të një operacioni antidrogë

Interior Minister writes to the Defense Minister, “the radar switched off during the anti-drugs operation”

13:30, 07/09/2017

The incumbent Interior Minister Dritan Demiraj has made public a letter to Minister of Defence Mimi Kodheli about the malfunctioning of the radars that check the Albanian territorial waters.

Demiraj write the radars are not able to make to capture vessels or people. He has even written about a case in August 7, when one of the radars switched off right in the middle of an anti-drugs operation, giving the dinghy boat the possibility to escape.

According to the minister, the radars do not cover the whole territory, creating dark areas, which give the traffickers the possibility to hide. Also, they do not have cameras to show images.

Demiraj’s letter to Kodheli became public in the media today.

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