13 vite LSI, Kryemadhi sulmon Ramën: Qeveri e vogël, korrupsion i madh

LSI’s Kryemadhi promises political battle in the parliament: Small government, huge corruption

11:36, 06/09/2017

The chairwoman of the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) Monika Kryemadhi has attacked Albanian PM Edi Rama, saying the corruption will be huge, despite a small government. Kryemadhi promised LSI will assume the responsibility for a political battle in the Parliament, where the parliamentary group will be extremely active.

Kryemadhi made her declaration speaking on the 13th adversary of the LSI.

"The elections of June 25 were the most demounted ones, despite the result we have on paper. The votes faced repression and a criminalized police, but still the voted for LSI. LSI grew further in a confrontation with a criminal aggression”, Kryemadhi said.

“The parliamentary group will be active in a political battle, because the new government leaves us n other way. It will be a small government, but we are convinced it will have a huge corruption”.

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