Basha në Asamblenë Politike të Partisë Popullore Europiane

Basha takes part in Political Assembly of EEP in Copenhagen

10:28, 05/09/2017

Democratic Party chairman Lulzim Basha is taking part in the Politic Assembly of the European People’s Party in Copenhagen which is taking place with the participation of the leaders of the right-wing European parties.

Before the Assembly, Basha made a resume of the political developments in Albania and shared with the EPP leaders his vision for the future of the Democratic Party and the opposition. Basha emphasized the importance of a reformation of the electoral system in Albania, in order to give an end for good to the history of elections manipulation.

The EPP leaders promised Basha the direct and political support of EEP and sister parties of the Democratic Party, including support, counseling and assistance related to the opposition strategy and alternatives.





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Ardian05/09/2017 12:42

Gjithmone mbeshtetje ju japin, por kur kerkohet mbeshtetje konkrete, ju fusin nje shkelm b.... Nuk e kuptoj nese genjeni veten, apo genjeni popullin.

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