VIDEO/ Në kërkim të parave të krimit, Çako zbaton porosinë e Ramës: Task Force në çdo qark

War on drugs, Director General of police orders the creation of Task Forces in all counties

11:08, 01/09/2017

Director General of the Albanian State Police has met the counties police directors to establish a Task Force in every country, following Premier Edi Rama’s order for the verification and sequestration of criminal individuals’ properties.

“It is necessary to exploit all the capacities and legal sources, exchanging information with the customs offices, the National Center of Registration, the Agency for the Legalization, Urbanization and Integration of Informal Areas (ALUIZNI) and the Immovable Properties Registration Office and the intelligent service”, Çako told his subordinates.

A few days ago, premier Rama promised war on cannabis and the sequestration of properties with suspicious sources, after the necessary verification.


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