Reagon Ben Blushi: Kemi 20 mijë vota, po s'kemi asnjë deputet

Defeat accepted, Ben Blushi: We have 20 thousand votes and no mandates

11:56, 27/06/2017

Libra chairman Ben Blushi has accepted the loss in the elections where his party won no mandate and addressed to all his supporters and member of the party.

"Dear Libra, when the ballot boxes are finished counting we’ll have 20 thousand votes in all Albania and no mandate”, Blushi writes.

“I’d like to thank you all and tell you that the responsibility is all mine and the merit all yours. I’ll do anything I can for the Libra project to go on.

The canary could not enter into the coal mine, despite her flight”.


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landi27/06/2017 15:15

Shpresoj qe te vazhdoni opozitarizmin kundra satrapit Rama

Tani27/06/2017 14:45

O Beni qe s'ece dot vete

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