Kurthi i Edi Ramës ndaj Ben Blushit për foton me Lul Berishën

A picture with released prisoner Lul Berisha, Edi Rama’s trap for Ben Blushi

16:22, 13/06/2017

Government-controlled media have hurried to publish today a picture of Libra chairman Ben Blushi Lulzim Berisha, a recently released prisoner with request of Mayor of Durrës Vangjush Dako.

There are several indicia this is a below-belt operation and shows at what low point the Renaissance connected with Lulzim Berisha, Mark and Arben Frrokun, Armando Prenga, Elvis Roshi, Arben Ndoka and Artur Bushi can reach.

First, the picture was published in the media as soon as shot, which means it was shot deliberately to be spread for propaganda.

Second, it was published in portal sponsored by the government.

Third, a few media have been called from Rama’s office to publish the picture and news.

Fourth, it is clear it’s a random picture, shot in the main boulevard of the city, while anyone who meets the rouges wouldn’t do it there and in the middle of the day.

Fifth, Blushi has held tens of speeches in the parliament against the release of Lul Berisha from prison with request of Mayor Dako and logically had no reason to pose with someone he has condemned so much.

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goni13/06/2017 16:54

Filloi perdorimi i krimit per zgjedhjet........Mos harroni....Edi Rama eshte PADRINOJA i MAFIAs ne Shqiperi.....

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