VIDEO - FOTO/ Rama takim elektoral nga lokali i trafikantit ndërkombëtar të drogës

VIDEO - GALLERY/ Premier Rama, electoral meeting in the restaurant of the international drugs trafficker

15:50, 19/05/2017

Edmond Stafa, an Albanian businessman from Elbasan, arrested yesterday evening for international drugs traffic, has strong connections with the Socialist Party (PS).

His brother, Bukurosh Stafa, a member of PS, has been elected as chair of the Council of the County of Elbasan for the mandate 2015 – 2019. Earlier, Stafa was a Member of the Parliament for the Socialist Party, for the period 2005 – 2009.

Edmond Stafa is the owner of hotel-bar-restaurant “Skampini”, which is in located in the area of Elbasani’s castle, a famous attraction in the city.

A few days ago, Edmond Stafas restaurant welcomed Albanian Premier Edi Rama. Two days earlier, Rama had a meeting with Elbasani women in the area nearby.

The location for the meeting was chosen from the Elbasani branch of PS, chaired by Taulant Balla, also vice chairman of the Socialist Party parliamentary group.

Arrestimi i Stafës


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