Basha tregon mediat ‘fake news’: Top-Channel, BalkanWeb dhe Panorama Online

Basha points out the “fake news media”: Top Channel, BalkanWeb and Panorama Online twisted my words

12:05, 21/04/2017

Democratic Party chairman Lulzim Basha has accused three of the mainstream media of reporting “fake news”, sarcastically proclaiming the fake news media competition.

Basha pointed out the television Top Channel and news portals BalkanWeb and Panorama online as the champions of the fake news media competition for the current week.

“The mainstream media are today totally under the pressure of the government. From today, we’ll start the competition of the Fake News for the closing week. Unfortunately, we have three champions for this week: Top-Channel, BalkanWeb and Panorama Online. Top-Channel for the misinterpretation of my statement. Rama said yesterday that Vetting is postponed for after the elections, while I said immediately after the government of the elections and according to the consensus of 22 July 2016”, Basha said.

“There were two projects for justice: Edi Rama’s and paid by Soros. Its goal was to seize the justice and give it to Soros’ biggest investment in the region, which is Edi Rama. This battle was fought for one year and a half. According to a political agreement, the seven main laws of the Reform would pass with consensus, but Rama and mercenaries paid by Soros passed six of them. One bill passed with our support with the insistence of the United States, the law has our seal on it and is expecting to be implemented as soon as possible. The Law of Vetting and the other laws have passed violating the consensus and I repeat: There are zero possibilities that the Democratic Party allow the seizure of justice from Edi Rama”.

“It is not necessary to postpone the vetting for after the elections. As soon as the technical government is established, PD is ready to assume its constitutional responsibilities and, based on the agreement of 22 July, open way to the vetting implementation, in order to have clean judges and prosecutors who start their job against the corruption in high levels”.

“Fake News television Top-Channel reported the news like I said “the vetting after the elections”, while I actually said “after the government of the elections”. BalkanWeb and Panorama joined it for the US Department of State statement. Edi Rama, forget the elections without the opposition!”, the Democrat leader warned Premier Rama.


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Fanja22/04/2017 02:31

C'fare ti bej Ed Rames , zoti Basha ? Kur te vish ti ne pushtet do ti bej njesoj per Ty sic po bej me Edushin! S'kam cte bej zotni, po xhaken time kush do ta mbushe ? Po kredite e mia kush do ti paguaje ? Prandaj duhet te bej Fake News..... Tani do ta bej edhe me News24 , gazeten Shqiptare, Radio RASH, revisten Psikologjia etj.etj....

Lymi Personalitet21/04/2017 13:09

Sh drejte .....!! Po je me vonese veç, se ne te tjeret kemi vite qe e themi ....

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