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LSI chairwoman Kryemadhi tells PM Rama ‘your are nothing but a moron’ for voting pro UN Resolution

13:12, 08/02/2018



Chairwoman of the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) Monika Kryemadhi called Premier Edi Rama a “moron” for the vote against the US President Trump’s decision and in favor of the UN Resolution on Jerusalem.

"Our Prime Minister, that lets no occasion go by to show what an erudite he is, is nothing but a moron”, Kryemadhi said in the parliament today.

“Before going against President Trump and the United States, something he did during the US presidential campaign too – because hell would break loose should he not interfere there – he should have remembered President (Woodrow) Wilson, who did not allow Albania’s disintegration; he should have remembered President Clinton for (the liberation of) Kosovo; he should have remembered President George W. Bush for Albania’s membership in NATO”, Kryemadhi sad.

“Should Clinton have waited for a UN authorization, no Albanian would have remained today in Kosovo. Not only did the United States lead the campaign for Kosovo’s liberation, but it also led with determination the campaign for Kosovo’s international recognition and only one day before the (December 21) vote the US Ambassador to UN declared he husband was Albanian. The vote against (Trump’s decision) was not a vote of admiration for the European Union, but a vote against the United States and the national interests”.

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