Shpërthen Vasili kundër paktit Xhafaj - Marku: Rama ta anulojë urgjentisht, dita e gjykimit po vjen

Vasili urges PM Rama to annul the agreement Marku-Xhafaj: It’s a shield for criminals

12:23, 03/02/2018

The Chairman of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) Petrit Vasili has joined the voices against the yesterday’s agreement between Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj and the temporary General Prosecutor Arta Marku for the creation of parallel structures for investigating the organized crime and corruption.

Vasili appealed to the Socialist Party (PS) to nullify the agreement urgently, denouncing it as a shield for the drugs traffic.

“Annul the agreement Marku-Xhafaj, save yourselves, the judgment day comes very soon, don’t forget it”, Vasili writes in his Facebook page.

“The drugs traffic now has it shield within justice, the agreement Marku-Xhafaj. The Prime Minister, which guides the traffic has appointed these two himself, so they are all three part of the same dark cause”.



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sona03/02/2018 16:11

apo ska nje te shperthyer ky....

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