'Bandat e qeverisë bëjnë ligjin, 'Forca e Ligjit' degjeneron në 'Forca e Krimit'

Berisha’s concern about the criminality: The gangs rule, ‘The force of law’s has become ‘The force of crime’ operation

12:50, 12/01/2018

Former Premier Sali Berisha expressed his concern for the situation in the country, where cars are blown up almost every day. Berisha says it is the gangs of the government that are ruling the country and have degenerated the so-called "The Force of Law" operation into "The Force of Crime" operation.

"The government gangs, which make the law in a number of cities, blew off two cars in Elbasan and Fushë Krujë last night. These gangs threw explosives in the yard of an officer of the road police of Fushë Krujë. The everyday development show that "The Force of Law" operation has transformed into "The Force of Crime" operation”, Berisha writes in his Facebook page.

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