Shqipja gjuhë zyrtare në Maqedoni, Basha: Sukses i politikës shqiptare

Democrat leader Basha welcomes the law that installs Albanian as an official language in Macedonia

15:08, 11/01/2018

Democratic Party chairman Lulzim Basha welcomed the approval of Albanian language as an official language in the Republic of Macedonia. Basha said this is a successful step for the Albanian factor in the neighboring country.

“Today’s passing of the law on the Albanian language by the Parliament of Macedonia is an important step ahead in  the fulfillment of the status of the Albanian language in the Republic of Macedonia”, Basha wrote.

“I welcome this step as a success of the coordination and cooperation of the Albanian factor in Macedonia. I appreciate the attitude of the Macedonian political forces that supported the bill with their votes, convinced that it is an important contribution for the ethnic coexistence and the consolidation of a democratic society in Macedonia. The Democratic Party supports this clime of unity as a guarantee for a Macedonia oriented towards the European and Euro-Atlantic values and standards”.


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