Ish-kryeministri Berisha pret Romano Prodin: Korrupsioni dhe krimi, arsyeja që frenon investimet e huaja

Former PM Berisha meets Romano Prodi: Corruption and crime are the reason Albania lacks foreign investments

14:40, 06/12/2017

Former Premier Sali Berisha received in his office former Italian Premier Romano Prodi. Berisha said he was happy for the meeting with Prodi, where they talked about the EU investments during Berisha’s tenure as Prime Minister of Albania, adding that the current government of Premier Edi Rama has been given no investment fund so far, in both mandates.

The two politicians talked also about the TAP pipeline.

“Foreign investments are vital to our country”, Berisha writes in his Facebook page. I told Mr. Prodi Albania used to receive over 1 billion Euros investments per year during the 2008-2013 period, while in the last four years they have been zero. I also explained the increase of criminality and corruption rate is among the reasons that refrains and frightens the foreign investors to come and invest in Albania”.


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