Ylli Manjani: Rama, autori i ekonomisë informale të hashashit sot po …

Former Minister of Justice mocks Rama: Look who’s giving lectures, the author of cannabis economy

16:45, 14/11/2017

Former minister of Justice Ylli Manjani has accused Premier Edi Rama as the author of the formal economy of cannabis. Manjani commented Rama’s declarations in the today’s meeting with bankers, where the Prime Minister spoke about transparency in Albanian banking system.

“I have a question for the Governor of the Bank of Albania: How could one license banks with shareholders whose capitals come from offshore havens? Can we speak today about a credible banking system and formal economy when we do not know the bank owners?”, Manjani wrote in his Facebook page.

“The International Monetary Fund is asking the same question. It deserves not simply an answer, but a strong reaction”.

“If the law allows spaces, it needs to be corrected as soon as possible, or else the river of drugs money will flood the banks and Albania will become soon an imitator of the tax havens but with the end of Ponzi schemes”.


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