SHBA i refuzon vizën kryebashkiakut të rëndësishëm, mikut të ngushtë të Ramës Vangjush Dako-majtas, Edi Ramanë mes, Elvis Rroshi-djathtas

US Embassy refuses the visa SHBA to an important Socialist Mayor and close collaborator to Rama

09:29, 06/11/2017

US Embassy in Tirana has refused the visa to a Socialist Mayor of Durrës Vangjush Dako. A diplomatic source recently said an important Mayor and his family were refused the visa, without revealing the name, but writes Dako (left in the picture) has been seen in the queue of visa applications at the Embassy around the days when Ambassador Donald Lu made some strong declarations about mob families and clans that rule in Albania.

The diplomatic source did not reveal the reason of the refusal either. However, a number of articles in the media and a strong editorial by Opinion host Blendi Fevziu reported that the Socialist Mayor of a big city has been tapped by a foreign intelligence service over connections to the organized crime.

Last time Dako’s name was mentioned related to this was in a BIRN investigative article that revealed Dako’s signature was used for the early imprisonment of convicted criminal Lulzim Berisha.

Visa refusal is one of the measures taken frequently recently by the US Embassy in Tirana to point to the corrupt judges and prosecutors that are connected to crime.


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Fieraku nga ferrasi07/11/2017 17:31

Po' cdo gjushi ne amerike Atje te del b ne Pune Ketu mbushen thaset tu nejt

Daj Jaku06/11/2017 13:18

Përse i mban kaq pranë ky zullap këta xhuxha të qelbur që e kanë zemrën ngjitur me zorrën e trashë?

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