Basha: Kemi fakte konkrete për lidhjet personale të Ramës me krimin, 'masha' e tij po e shtyn debatin

Basha has concrete facts for PM Rama’s personal connections to crime, but Speaker Ruçi closes the session

13:32, 12/10/2017

Democratic Party chairman Lulzim Basha accused today the Albanian PM Edi Rama of personal connections to crime and said he has the evidence to prove his allegations.

Basha made his comments after today’s parliamentary session was interrupted, considering it as a deliberate act of Speaker Gramoz Ruçi with “the aim of avoiding debate about the personal – I underline it, personal – relations of Edi Rama to crime”.

“Edi Rama is afraid of the confrontation with the truth for the gangs that are controlling the country today. This is the second week the Democratic Party is trying to confront Rama for his personal connections to the Albanian organized crime. Rama knows that, because we have warned him, so I would ask from any honest media and reporter to say the truth as it is”.

“Ruçi violated the regulation, asking for Noka’s expulsion, because he asked the Article 49 to be respected and I would ask the media not to speculate. While Mr. Berisha was speaking, Edi Rama was saying filthy words that I cannot pronounce here. Noka asked for the rules to be respected and Ruçi closed the session”.

“Rama used a thug-like vocabulary, they do not want the debate; their aim is having no debates on Edi Rama’s personal connection to crime. We have concrete facts, but Rama and his tongs managed to postpone the debate”.


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Plaku 12/10/2017 17:44

Ouuuuu. Po c pret ateher. Me vrap ne prokurori. A c na moren me qaf budallenjt. Akoma bejn politik si para 20 vitesh. Keshtu vazhdoni se nga fitorja ne fitore do vini.

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