Ndodh vetem në Shqipëri: 130 të dënuar vishen policë dhe ruajnë të burgosurit

Only in Albania, 130 ex cons become wardens and guard the inmates

12:34, 05/02/2018

The vetting process has started in the directorate of prisons and so far it has been revealed that 130 employees result with past sentences for criminal offences and still continue to keep their positions.

Sources from the Ministry of Justice have explained for the media that the process will continue also for the officials of the judiciary police.

Article 17, item 1/d of the Law no 10032 “For the prisons police” says that one of the criteria to be accepted in the prisons police is “not being sentenced for criminal offences by a court ruling”.

Based on the vetting process from the structures of MOJ and General Directorate of Prisons, nearly 130 wardens have criminal records and have been sentenced. The Directorate will start the disciplinary proceedings against the persons with criminal records.

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