Akuza e fortë: Policia e nxori me autoblinda drogën nga Lazarati, Tahiri ua shiste trafikantëve

Strong accusations to former IM Tahiri: The drug sequestered in Lazarat wasn't destroyed, it was sold to traffickers

11:30, 02/02/2018

Strong accusations have been made in address of former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri from one of the defendants in a process in the Court for Serious Crimes. Arbjon Aliko, charged with cannabis cultivation and trafficking as well as attacking the police forces during the anti-drug operation in Lazarat in 2014, the quantity of cannabis sequestered there by the police has not been destroyed, but sold to other traffickers.

“The State Police use armored vehicles to take the drug out of Lazarat. Later, they sold it to traffickers. Saimiri Tahiri and his bandits did that”, Aliko said in the courtroom today.

“As soon as the Socialist Party came to power they attacked our entire kin”, Aliko added.

This is a hard blow to the operation in Lazarat, which was one of the motives of pride for the ruling majority, Premier Edi Rama and then-Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri. 

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