Ish-oficeri i policisë: Bllokuam skafin e Habilajve, policia e Vlorës na ktheu armët kundër

Former police officer: Vlora police turned their weapons against us after we sequestered Habilaj’s speedboat

09:37, 08/11/2017

    Bledar Naçi, a former officer of the anti-drugs force in Fier Police Department, once decorated by former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri and praised by PM Edi Rama for heroism, today is forced to find shelter to escape from the prosecution of the state he worked for for years.

    Naçi continues to reveal for Gazeta Shqiptare details from the time when he restrained the Habilaj brothers, Tahiri’s cousins, and their release per order of police director.

    After the incident, Naçi was accused of taking a bribery of 10 thousand Leks from a person that today results as convicted for several criminal offences.

    From an undisclosed EU country, Naçi tells two other incidents related to heroin and cocaine traffic.

    The first incident occurred when police sequestered 3.5 kg heroin and its owner threatened Naçi, saying him that “the wire-tapping you listen to in your office, they bring it to me from Tirana and I have it at my home”.

    The other incident took place when Naçi and another escaped fired officer, Dritan Zagani, sequestered a speedboat suspected for drug trafficking and Vlora’s police turned their weapons against them, not allowing the boat’s sequestration.


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